Storms River in Tsitsikamma

The place that the flourishing breakers of the Indian Ocean constantly smack rocky shoreline, in which warm high forest as well as fynbos roll right down to the water in an unspoilt green carpet, where age-old rivers shape their routes into the sea straight down the rocky ravines , is the Storms River portion of the Garden Route National Park. The heartland of this park extends a few five kilometres into the sea, preserving a beautiful portion of inter-tidal life, reef as well as deep-sea marine life.

Storms River in Tsitsikamma is a picturesque, strong river which winds its way throughout the Tsitsikamma Mountain Range as well as to the Indian Ocean.

george-1364997409It is a major attraction for visitors throughout the whole world which likes to enjoy the adventure activities as well as the splendour of the South African water feature. This makes its way over the spectacular, green woodlands which define this section of the Garden Route. Its shores are surrounded by high native trees and are also visited by the bird life which refers to this as home. Storms River crosses over the Tsitsikamma National Park, that is one of the earliest marine reserves in South Africa, and also the biggest. This particular area is likewise the location of the small village of Storms River, that is a backpacker’s delight as well as a camping hotspot.

However ‘Storms River’ has grown to be something synonym for the outrageous, crashing oceans as well as spectacular scenery of Storms River Mouth, not to mention the extraordinary suspension bridge which functions as a watching point from stormy seas as well as precipitous cliffs by which the Storms River crash towards the sea.

You can find a bit written material accessible which properly illustrate the wonder of the surrounds of Storms River. The detour off course as well as to the Tsitsikamma National Park to Storms River Mouth is necessary when you visit the region. You can find some brief walking tracks and it’s from this point which the Otter Trail’s intense 5-day hike starts, discovering the deep ravines, gorges as well as high cliff edges of the rocky coastline.


Storms River village offers a wide range of adventure activities such as the Canopy tours, bungee jumping on the Bloukrans River Bridge, that reports to the be the world’s tallest at 216 meters, cycling tracks, angling tours as well as Black Water Tubing and kloofing, however the highlight is the nature itself as well as the gathering spot of woodland, precipitous high cliff as well as stormy seas.

Five Things You Will Discover

Dolphins and porpoises – trying to keep attentive on the ocean since it will give you viewings of schools of dolphins and porpoises playing around the waves.

African Black Oystercatcher – this particular red data species is among South Africa’s most endangered bird varieties. Numerous couples nesting across the park’s rocky shoreline.

Knysna Lourie – such gorgeous birds with a gruff call are widespread around the forest.

Cape Clawless Otter – the origin of the name “Otter Trail“, this very hard-to-find species hunts crabs across the park’s shoreline and rivers as well.

Blue Duiker – this little antelope can be found in the woodlands.

Mountain Biking – There are lots of options for mountain biking in Storms River as well as Bicycle Tour companies available.



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